Reality Check.

Are you who you really are? Do you know who the person next to you is? I mean who they REALLY are? So many times we create a template of who we want to be or who we want to marry, what we want our lives to look like… As good as this is, it’s … More Reality Check.

After You

Now I know you don’t need me to remind you, but just to put it out there, today is the 1st of June, we’re officially halfway through the year. What have you done for yourself so far? At the end of every year we reflect, we see where we went wrong, where we failed ourselves … More After You


Is the grass really ever greener on the other side? Is there ever a way of knowing for sure unless you actually cross over? What happens if you do cross over and find that it’s a “better the devil you know” over there? What happens then? Let me say this, sometimes it really is time … More Evergreen

Every Rand Counts

I would like to thank my mother for teaching me the way around a kitchen. I am not a chef, but hey, at least I can put together a decent meal. Any person in the construction industry can attest to the fact that a construction site can  have well over 100 black workers at time. … More Every Rand Counts

The Third Cord

I’m going to start off with this disclaimer, I’m very unmarried. I did however get a revelation of sorts about the third cord this morning. There’s an illustration on marriage that I saw on social media once and I it was referenced during a sermon a friend preached this passed Sunday. I’m going to try … More The Third Cord

It has tied up…

This is our first ever development house project we embarked on. We bought the incomplete house on Auction, rebuilt and SOLD for a very good profit then. The house is situated in Birdwood Estate in Hartebees. Letlema is its nickname.  In Sepedi “Letlema” is an abandoned building project. Loosely translated: “It has tied up.” Hubstar insisted the … More It has tied up…